A little bit of autumn

The days are shorter already and nights longer. Temps are cooling slightly. I made pumpkin spice muffins and Friday Night high school football is in full swing. See that gorgeous Maple leaf quilt in the bleachers? I have been watching college football on Saturdays in between my chores and quilting. AND this year I have a Fantasy football team that is public as well as one with some of my family. Sooo much fun. I am playing my husband this week. We aren’t competitive or anything. So far, I am losing terribly.

Work has been weird. I am so glad I have creative endeavors to balance it all out! The Zentangle drawings have helped me survive several long all day meetings and trainings.  I am hoping during this time of great change that it will all work out that I don’t have to commute to another office 2 days a week. Overall, I am not going all over like I was in the summer to cover other offices because they hired staff so I am able to have a life again. It has been worse.



The blue and yellow quilt is on the long arm frame and made by a Quilter in my quilt group. The fox is going to be a little taggie blanket for a expected grandbaby in a couple of weeks. This is the fabrics that will be the outer borders. I am sewing different textured tags in between the red and white borders. It will be backed with minkee. I have enough white minkee to bind it too. It is a texure “lovie” type of quilt for a newborn.

It’s nice to be home for the weekend. We have the last Highland games next weekend and then the season is over. I expect starting in November I will be home and long arming tons for the holidays. The cooler weather reminds everyone to get their quilts done for gifts.





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