Hey all! 


Look Carefully at these football pictures. It is NOVEMBER and we are sitting outside for a game in sunglasses and no jackets!! Whoo hoo, it was in the 70’s out, record high temps. We enjoyed GVSU vs SVSU and Grand Valley won in double overtime. They are headed to the playoffs! I was wearing my scarf as a sunscreen for my neck as I didn’t wear any, who would have thought I may need it lol!

I started a new quilt with my Tula Pink Eden collection plus a few  FQ I picked up along the way added in. I am using white Moda Grunge for the pieced block. I am using a pattern that I adjusted to keep the tigers intact. The pattern is online and called Courtyard Tile. Buy it here.  

I quilted a table runner and I quilted a baby quilt. I am preparing a queen quilt and have 4 in the queue. Longarming  is really busy! And I thought I wouldn’t have many to do. I hope to make enough money to buy more thread, batting and backing fabric yardage for my quilts waiting to be quilted. I have several of my own to do but the cost of those items is what breaks the bank! I longarm to keep myself equipped in quilting supplies, lol.


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