Show notes for Podcast #5 Quilts, Fall, Shawl and tiles

Listen to podcast here


2016-11-11-10-55-20 Easiest shawl ever


Vicki Howell and Craft-ish is found here


Quilt top made for the beginner class that was a no-go.


2016-11-11-14-48-22 Raw Edge applique roses for quilt groups block lotto

2016-11-08-07-29-23 My version of the Courtyard tiles quilt in Tula Pink Eden fabrics. Link to pattern for the tiles quilt is here


Got my cardio in and rakes the front lawn…..


But wait there’s more. Another day

Previous blog posts about the football game, my Beginner Class quilt top that I made, Quiltmaker 100 blocks and Secret Garden Mystery by Pat Sloan are available if you scroll down. My Instagram feed is on the side bar for pics from every day.

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  1. Great job with your podcast. I can identify with so much of what you shared. I have a 10:30 am appointment on Monday with our gyms trainer to develop a personal workout plan for me to accomplish my health goals. What I have been doing is not working. I’ve been trying new things with my quilting and sewing journey. Your “print out” suggestion for patterns is wise as I learned that the hard way as well. Keep up the good work.


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