Testing Patterns

I like to test patterns for other people in addition to Quiltmaker 100 block magazine. I tested the Book Nerd Quilt pattern by Angela Pingel and she wanted it to be shared on social media. This pattern will be available soon. I would highly recommend this pattern, it is paper pieced but not overly complicated to do. It is makes a pretty full size quilt.  It has infinite possibility for customizing these books. Watch for more from me and others on Instagram as well as on this blog.

The beanie is a pattern that will be available next week on an Etsy shop called Crochet by Renee.  I love the Huron Beanie. It was a hat that I was able to finish and it fit , yay! I would highly recommend this pattern, too. It is also customizable for your style, slouchy or not… as well as size. I love the texture. Lion yarn Heartland is really a pretty yarn that has nice texture and warmth. I finished it  just in time for our first snow expected tomorrow!




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