Podcast #6 Snow is a four letter word


Snow is a four letter word~ See the picture from my porch.Click on each picture to enlarge and see detail.

My table is a hold out in orange and brown. Christmas decor will start next week.

And my custom quilt with lots of threads to bury, not my favorite thing to do in quilting.

Comments are welcome and I would love to hear from you! Thanks for listening


  1. Hi! I’m bit late to the party. I’m from New zealand. I’ve just started quilting. And I found your podcast on Spotify, I am enjoying listening to this while I work my day job 💕


  2. Loved the music! Good job Sean… podcast very enjoyable and continues to keep me motivated and inspired with my quilting journey. I’m impressed with how much sewing and knitting you get done… so I’m going to take your advice to heart and not worry about speed but enjoy the process and my relax in my slowness 🙂 My only advice about home delivery foods is the amount, if any, sodium and preservatives are in the foods. That would be a big negative at my house for medical reasons. Best of everything as you continue your health journey as well as your creative endeavors.


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