Podcast #7 Nostolgia and slow stitching

Podcast link: https://mycreativecorner3.podbean.com/e/nostolgia-and-slow-stitching/




The Unicorn fabric and one of the Tapestries that I photographed at Stirling castle. My grandmother stitched the Unicorn in captivity not pictured.

2016-12-13-06-46-32 2016-12-13-06-46-42 The template we made in 1976 for the long winter.

2016-12-12-20-17-02Our tree

2016-12-13-06-37-03 My 20 plus year old Santa cross stitch is declared DONE!!!!

, 2016-12-12-19-15-14 2016-12-10-13-20-14 free patterns for the Quick Curve Rulers at http://www.sewkindofwonderful.com and click on free patterns

2016-12-08-07-54-51The latest Emerald blocks.

The slow movment is http://www.slowmovement.com for more info.

Detals of the Santa Cross stitch will on be on my Instagram feed, or follow in the pics on the sidebar. You can see my IG handle and stuff if you click on those pics.


Click on pictures to make them larger for d


  1. Hi Vicki. I heard about your podcast from Frances and am just catching up with all your episodes. I live in Falkirk just down the road from Stirling and have seen the Unicorn tapestry a few times. I must go up and look at it again after listening to your podcast.


    • Thanks for listening Ellen! I loved our trip to Scotland and Stirling castle was so much fun. I love the whole display they have about the tapestries and I believe they should be done . It was a very long process for the artists to reproduce them. We have a friend in my home town from Falkirk , what a small world!


  2. Hi Vicki-I loved your podcast. Mindful living is exactly where my thoughts are going right now. I am retiring in two weeks and want to slow down and savor the moments instead of over scheduling and rushing thru life.Thank you for reminding us to enjoy the journey and be thankful for everything we have.


    • Sharon, I found that when I can focus on each moment that life falls into place and I can be more creative too, bonus! Retirement is such a time of adjustment, I am hoping you find that it is a smooth transition and making special memories while savoring each moment. Can’t wait to hear how it is going and what creative things you have done! Thanks for listening and taking time to comment!


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