2016-12-05-01-05-07 Snow started to fall this afternoon and here is our house. I expect that we will be seeing more of this because it is December after all. OK snow is still a four letter word in my book. I feel the cold more these days. I wish I could cross country ski that might make me have a reason to like snow hahaha. No skiing, falling is not something I want to experience. I have terrible balance.

I did get exercise in 4 times this week. No falls on the tread mill or recumbent bike!

2016-12-03-13-09-50 It is the second round of the NCAA D2 playoffs and GVSU is there. Our team lost to Ferris State University. I love college football, so much more fun than the NFL. We have tickets to the Quick Lane Bowl on December 26th. I had so much fun. The music, the energy and our seats were 2 rows behind the home team. Another season over. Maybe they will get far next year, too. The team is young.


I am digging through the archives for all the Christmas quilts. I will add those pics when I get them out. I may wash them because I have the perfect machine, Maytag No Agitator, and they are due for a wash. I have Retayne but no color catchers. Hmmm, maybe an experiment tonight on old quilts.








  1. Let me know the result of “no color catcher sheets”. You are sure braver than me. I won’t even wash regular laundry without them and use about 6 when I wash a quilt lol.


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