show and tell knit items

2017-01-02-10-15-35    This centerpiece is a long knitted tube from all my wool scraps that I made a year to two ago. I followed a pattern and really didn’t like how narrow it was as well as it was ITCHY. So I never wear it. However, I was thinking that it could be a wreath. So I bought a cheap plastic embroidery hoop because it has a gap when it is unscrewed on the top hoop. I ran it through the top hoop, the smallest size I could find and screwed it back together. I evened out the gathers added a clip on poinsettia at the beginning and end point, and slipped it over a battery run candle. Looks great on my table and it can stay out all winter. The work I did wasn’t wasted and it could be hung as a wreath too.

2017-01-01-14-27-35  This is my shawl that is finished. I steam blocked it one side at a time on my ironing board. I curved the top so when I wear it with a pin it will run smoothly around my shoulders.

2016-12-31-13-56-12 See the two knit pillows in my collection ? I knit them last year and decided that I didn’t want them to be cowls or a table runner. The purple is one a hand painted yarn. It is also beautiful but too ITCHY and HOT to wear. Makes my neck all red so I made it into a pillow. The green one was planned to be a pillow all along but I never got around to finish it till this weekend. It is seed stitch and the button was sewn right through the whole pillow and it looks modern enough to sit next to my new pillows Mom got me for Christmas. The Lion’s pillow will stay out during football season, and the Amigurumi Santa for a few more weeks.

2017-01-01-22-16-29 I finally make a cowl that I can wear. I finished it yesterday and added the really cool screw button. It is soft and not itchy. I can wear it and it matches my purple coat! LOVE .

I started making plarn (just Google it at lots of tutorials pop up) our of grocery bags and am testing out making a rug for my mudroom. I saw a story on the internet where mats are made for homeless people. I like that and recycling the bags is cool. However, it is a loud project for TV watching… all those bags crinkling, hahaha. I am gonna try the crochet rug first and then maybe try knitting one. I am thinking knit may be easier on my hands. I am crocheting the current one too tight, I need to loosen up!It is a rib stitch for muddy feet.

Too bad I have to work tomorrow, I would get even more fun stuff done!  I just have to work on it in smaller increments before and after work. And then I get a 3 day weekend for MLK day in 2 weeks I feel a virtual sew in coming for that day too!

Feels like I am off to a good start this year!



  1. You are off to a fantastic start for the new year!!! The centerpiece is beautiful and all your pillows look great. What a wonderful idea for your mud room… I saw that story on the internet but never thought of a personal application… I may have to rethink this project.


  2. Do you remember several years ago when Phyllis used to make bags out of plastic grocery bags. It was hilarious, we used to go to the dollar store for yellow bags, glens had red & white, Spartan were green, WalMart black & white. She used to color coordinate. Everyone at work was bringing me bags for her to make things/stuff out of. The floor in the basement was a mountain of bags use to cut handles off and have them all prepped for her to use. Fun memories.


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