Podcast 9 Be Creative!






Going on the frame next are my Quilts:


2016-03-09 07.34.31

I will be showing them and talking about each quilts story as they are completed.

Creative moments can happen in only a few minutes each day, that’s how I get most things done!

AND here is where I talked on Hey Quilty about fusion quilting:




  1. Hi Vicki, sounds like you will be busy getting tops quilted in 2017. I hope you get the rail issue sorted. I was most interested in your comments about the MQG as I have also let my membership go. There is enough pressure in life from work, family and other obligations that I did not need any from the MQG Quilt Police. I have been a quilter for 37+ years and with the exception of the tools we use and the incredible variety of fabrics now available there is really nothing “new” in quilting. I have been a member of 2 modern quilt guilds, Atlanta Modern Quilters (no quilt police there and they voted as a group to not be part of the MQG when the MQG made it an issue several years ago and the Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild which I just left. I left CFMQG ( a guild of the MQG) because of their over the top “modern” attitude and quilt police mentality. Life is too short for all the dictates.


    • It never ceases to amaze me that someone or a group feels that they can make people behave or create in a specific way . I wish more groups were a encouraging and inspirational environment to quilt in! And there is nothing new so let’s embrace art and creativity!


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