a tale of three quilts



Here is the orphaned block quilt with chunky frames

Here is my more contemporary version of the Civil War Diary Quilt and want to read more about Dear Jane? link is below



The chop stick quilt, how did it sit so long in a drawer? I am glad it is assembled now2017-01-28-12-55-12

The fairy garden improv quilt2017-01-29-02-34-26

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  1. I’ve only bought a few kits, my favorite was a winding ways quilt precut using Fossil Ferns in flannel. I hand pieced most of it, bought it on a California vacation at my in-laws so I had something to work on. Sat as a UFO for a long time before I machine pieced the rest of it together – still needs quilted though!

    If you get the Dear Jane software (from Electric Quilt) you can design the blocks in whatever size you want!


  2. I have purchased a few quilt kits and never had much success with them… I wound up just using the kit fabric in another quilt project. I doubt if I ever purchase another… I’m currently working on three projects… I seem to do better and my attention span is better if I change pattern and fabric regularly. My husband noticed the blocks on my sewing table and thought the blocks were all for one quilt… with a look of concern he carefully asked me, “do you think these colors all go together?” Ah no dear, it will be three different quilts… a look of relief washed over his face 😎. Your quilts are beautiful… thank you for sharing


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