Went to a the International Car Show in Grand Rapids yesterday. It was so much fun. I loved the new Flex and Mustang. I also enjoyed seeing the old cars and the new high performance cars. I ate at 2 places that were new to me. I had Noodles and Company for lunch. Yum. I also waited for a while at a local pub called Hop Cats to be seated. We loved the food, they are famous for their fries and 150 beer choices. It was lots of fun and really a good time. Well worth the wait! It was an impromptu road trip and a great time to see our son who is in college.


Hop cats view from my seat




We are 5 days into the Daily Creative prompt challenge. I hope you are having as much as I am. The first 5 photos of my prompts are in the collage. Click on any picture to enlarge it for detail. Jump in at any time. It is a great way to jump start your creativity. I was hoping most days would not be more than a 10- 15 minutes invested in doing something that may spark a creative idea for a project you may be planning or working on . The group page My Creative Corner3 is where we are talking and sharing more. I am also posting to Instragram for those who want to participate there.


My bad ear is making lots of noise and feels swollen. I am doing every trick in the book to get it to drain and even taking meds that are reserved for big flare ups. I hope it calms down before the Super Bowl. I got things to do!


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