Show Notes Podcast 13

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I used a ruler and free motion quilted in some of the negative space. Being left handed made this a challenge with the start and stop button on the long arm (on the right) but I was able to do it this time when I tried it using the film on the back of the ruler…Invisigrip


Log cabin color study!

2017-02-20-08-31-28Turkey Lacer Stiletto ….tutorial here

What do you do with your fat quarter bundles?

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  1. I’ve been using Inviisigrip for years now. It is on almost all of my rulers. But last month I got some that would not cling to my new ruler. I am not sure if it is the Invisigrip or the ruler. I tried turning the Invisigrip over, thinking the static charge was causing the problem, but it didn’t work, and I never figured out why. I also tried charging the ruler by rubbing it on my clothes. If you have run across this problem and/or the solution, please let me know. I ended up using sandpaper dots, which are ok, but I prefer Invisigrip.


  2. I am jumping ahead to the most recent podcast. I want to see how your podcast has developed. Nice music! I hope to get back to the others sometime.

    Have you seen my Creative Prompt Project? It is over, but the prompts are still available. Check it out at:

    I prefer TruGrips. I have never been able to get Invisigrip to *work for me*. I am glad it helped you out and it gives me hope that it will work if I try it again.

    I try not to buy FQ bundles or any precuts. Of course, I do succumb, especially to charm packs. They are a pain to store, which is why I try not to buy them. When I do buy FQ bundles, they usually come apart and are stored with their like colors. I store my fabric by color, mostly.

    Have a great day!


    • Thanks! My son did the music for me. I have not seen your prompt project and will check it out. I stuck on fq bundles! I need to make a fq friendly quilt. I am have no real order with my fabric storage but I guess they are sorted by size…scraps, yardage bundles.


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