Books and writing


I am making a Book Shelf quilt like the one I made a year or so ago, here is more about it. I love that I found an Ombre jelly roll at the quilt shop. I didn’t know it was until I opened it up. Here is what I have so far on m y design wall:



I quilting this pillow sham and the back shows the quilting better. I like it 2017-02-23-18-50-56

I started quilting this little quilt and the background stitch is not working out. I think I am going to rip it out. I rarely do that but it just isn’t working for me. Sigh, 10 minutes of quilting is gonna be a couple of hours of ripping, I am sure.

Here is my writing from the Writing prompt in France’s news letter:

In the beginning, sometimes I left messages in the street.”- prompt


But that was years ago, prior to the internet. It was time of sending letters, writing love notes and receiving slips of paper with boxes to check if you liked the sender—yes or no. We would leave messages for each other because we were playing a game like our favorite book, that our teacher read to the class daily, “Harriet , the spy.” And spies had to leave coded messages for each other.


We left scraps of paper in an old tin can in the gutter. It was also written in code. We had special glasses with red and blue lenses to decode the message written in three colors of ink. We spent hours perfecting our notes. And even more time slipping in and out of the neighborhood undetected.

It was a time before On Demand entertainment. We watched the cars in the neighborhood come and go. We learned the time each dog was let out and when the automatic sprinklers went off. We wrote it all down in our journals and thought we were really being quite sneaky.


I just sent out my first newsletter and hope that it helps everyone stay in touch!






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