100 day project and quilts off the frame and dreams of the future



It has been banner week for me. I  took 3 quilts off the frame. I will show the backs of them and once they are delivered (ok one is the first row) , I will do another blog post with the front of them plus details. Just wanted you to know that I have been long arming a lot. I want to increase my long arming as part of my overall goals. I have lots of business goals for 2016 and launching ideas into 2017 that you will see as I go. I decided that there is no time like the present to move forward. The blog will change a little and the dream is that it will include a store by the new year. I am so excited and hope you will be too!

I think it amazing how much response I have from the small things to increase my business. First off, I told my friends and family I was looking for more work. They knew over the holidays I was busy but then I was caught up. I also had a friend start working at a local quilt shop and I found out that I didn’t have any more business cards there, got a couple of calls once my cards were back on the shelf. I started visiting the local shop more because I needed things. I met the new staff and started making connections with them. Small steps, and results already. My next step is to let my readers know I accept quilts in the mail. That will be my next problem to solve. And as you can see from my picture, I don’t like meetings and talking about stuff… I like to do. However, I did have one very productive meeting with a mentor in the quilting business and it was fantastic. NOW to DO IT.



The 100 day project is a concept that I heard of through local Arts Councils. They encouraged 100 days of creating your art and having a show and tell at the end of the completed project. I did that in years past and found that I do create every day. I do big projects all the time and last year I made a whole cloth quilt and Zentangled to help me achieve the goal. So in February this year I decided when the first 100 day project kicked off I didn’t want to do a big project at the end as I had many deadlines. And this year many people are making the project their own…. 100 days of health, 100 days of color etc. I loved the prompt challenge idea I had from all the photo a day challenges I do on Instagram. So I wrote the prompts and started a Facebook Group. Wow we are growing and I continue to do the prompt challenges on FB and Ig as my 100 day project. It is a 100 day project of doing funny, childlike, creative things to jump start my day. Everything I do sparks a creative Idea. Having creative people in person and online also sparks more ideas and it goes on and on.

Its been a banner week and so far an exceptional year. Stay tuned because big things are coming!

Remember the Blog hop for The Ultimate Guide to Machine quilting starts May first!

I just gotta figure out how to buy a new shirt, look a professional and be able to go to lunch and not drop red food on the white stripe !! I was at home so i washed it but seriously what are the chances!!! And never in a good spot of the shirt for food to land. Bib anyone?



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