New Ideas

When your sewing machine is broken, you have extra time if you are a quilter. I have no tops that are deadlined but I have a few things I could be working on. I want to remake a couple of quilts on a small scale for samples. Maybe, I may just go with the quilts I have because I really am not excited about remaking anything just for the sake of a photo.

Sooo I have decided to try a test for a vlog. This required some thought, figuring out my camera, how to monitor my video and edit the photo if I want. That took hours!!! Video blog a couple times a month at first  and my idea is to simultaneously record my podcast. I am going to try it out and see if it is something I can do. I think I can. I don’t want my vlog to be complicated or super long. I like simplicity and eventually maybe have some how tos or show and tell , maybe those videos will just be shorts for my facebook page on quilting. I plan to post it to You Tube, my Vicki Holloway Quilting Facebook page and here.

here is the test video:

So what other creative projects have I worked on? I made the grand daughters Easter Egg amigurumis. Some have little chicks in them. I really don’t know why my eggs are all different sizes! Ok, I am not consistent in tension and that is why I NEVER make anything in pairs like mittens or socks! I long armed two quilts since my last post and here are the backs. I have 3 customer quilts in queue and several of my own. I won’t be bored while my sewing machine is out. In fact, I have a cowl on my knitting needles that I started back up on. It is a nubby cotton and will be perfect for summer and vlogging accessories.

I am really working on being healthy with diet and exercise. I have lost a couple of pounds, been to gym more consistently. I am going to try to get outside a bit and straighten up the gardens and fairy gardens. See the poppies are coming up! We had snow last week! I am looking forward to spring and having some sunshine. And last nights bright mood did look like a Pink Moon for April. Yes, stargazing at the dark sky park will be soon for me!!!

Check out my Vicki Holloway Quilting page on Facebook for those who find it easier to keep in touch!


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