2017-04-16 20.57.50

A three day holiday weekend was wonderful to get away, I did post about the weekend on social media see the Instagram Feed for those pictures. It started out with a leaky hot water heater that we needed to replace with the help of a friend who save the day! I was so happy to be able to leave town a bit late but make it to the dinner and hockey game with our son and his girlfriend. We went to a cool car museum and pub Saturday. And today was great time in church where our son worships and plays guitar. I really enjoyed the day and feel that I can go forward refreshed and renewed. I knitted my way through the water heater replacement and see how far I got in the picture above!

I have a quilt that I am going to finish for Quilts for Cure this week. I have no sewing machine still but I have plenty to long arm. It is still at the repair shop.  I will keep plenty busy even without a sewing machine. I really don’t need to be making more tops because I have plenty to do!

2017-04-16 20.57.27

I decided I need to get some better eye/hand coordination so I practiced drawing some feathers.  I want to get smoother on my stitching so it takes drawing to make it better and smoother.

I am limiting photos on the blog to my creative endeavors due to limited space. I hope to expand the blog by the end of the year but I don’t want to run out of space before then for photos. So… you can see the Instagram feed on the side bar for more pictures and snapshots of every day life and the daily prompt challenge.



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  1. Drawing out a pattern is so smart to get the rhythm of quilting. I need to do that myself and really buckle down in an effort to learn to do it myself.

    I upload to Flickr first and post photos that way. I don’t think it causes storage issues on blogger. I hope you find an easy alternative!


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