show notes to podcast -1980s My Generation

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From the Swatch watch, Rick Astley, the colors and the movies like Willow, Purple Rain and Ferris Bueller’s Day off the 1980s is my generation. It is being rebooted and I am not sure how I feel about it all because my birthday is this week.


I will load my 50th birthday celebration quilt of my birthstone Emeralds on the frame next week.

The disaster is the orange quilt, it will be bound orange side up. The blog hop has been awesome and I have learned so much. I hope you join us as a giveaway is coming soon!

2017-05-11 14.33.59
just can’t believe it turned out like this

Here is the true confession: right side up of my continuous curve quilt. Not my favorite, but I really learned so much more by making this ugly thing than I have in the past year of quilting.

Quilt on!



  1. Have a Happy Birthday Week🎉 Your Emerald quilt is a real beauty 👏 Don’t be so hard on yourself about the orange quilt doing new things is a growing experience… That’s good. Oh, and never feel your age!!! I don’t feel mine! It is not wise to make oneself older than one is in heart and spirit. Keeping busy, creative and involved is key Have fun and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses 🌹


  2. If I was born in 1949 …. what generation would I be? I could never make up my mind on that idea.
    I was married in my early 20s but divorced and living free in my 30s so I always considered then to be my wild generation time.


  3. Happy birthday! Saturday I will be 15 years older than you are turning. Yes, I have achieved Medicate and am probably officially elderly. That really feels weird.


    • I never feel the age I am , so I hope that remains true. You, Elderly, no way! I plan on being as active and fiesty for a long time… I really knew 3 of my great grandmothers and I come by it naturally!
      I am sure you will too Gretchen!


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