Machine Quilting Blog Hop Week 5

This week is the halfway point in the blog hop already!! The book the Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting by Angela Walters and Christa Watson is the book that I and three other bloggers are posting weekly about our free motion quilting progress.  Please go here to find the link to each of their pages! This week is the chapter called Quatrefoil. It is a lovely quilt pattern in the book however, I am focusing on all of the free motion quilting stitches used. This is the type of quilting that I do often so my practice was less work and more like a fun party time! As a long armer this is the shapes and curly loopy stitches that I like to make and comes more naturally in my quilting. In the video, at the end of the post,  I share the shapes to start learning with and how to do many of the stitches shared in this chapter. Click on each picture to see the details.

2017-05-25 06.27.48
Paisley, rainbows, pebbles and deep texture

This is the block in the sampler that I did using the paisley , pebbling , rainbows and echoing to achieve the dense texture. The next photo is the sampler and this is the center block.

ultimate machine quilting blog hop sampler
sampler quilt with all of the stitches

2017-05-25 06.29.25

Here is the practice piece. I especially love to use all the elements in a collage or graffiti style of quilting. I did all the stitches too, how many can you see ? If you have the book you should be able to pick out each pattern. I love every single one and use then quite often when I long arm. I hope you take the time to watch the videos to see how I did each of them!!

Remember the quilt pictures at the beginning? My mom made this quilt and I used all the elements we have learned so far in a collage or graffiti style quilt. Here is the video and how I did it!

Quilt on Vicki



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