Highland Games season is here! 


Opening the festival with a Ceilidh or party. He recites the Burns poem addressing the Haggis.

Opening the games with the stone throw

Hanging out after the games
Caber challenge my husband is on the left

This challenge was a VFW fundraiser

Highland cows
We were all so hot and tired!

Memorial day weekend is the Alma Highland Festival and Games.  50th anniversary, so cool. I was able to see the Pro athletes compete on Saturday.  My husband competed on Sunday with the amateurs. It is like a decathlon,  one competes in all events.  There are several events the stone thrown,  weight for distance and height and the caber throw.  He had a great day. I saw friends and family. 

I made this video of the sights and sounds of the festival.  There was a bagpipe competition. So many bagpipes!!!! And dance competition Too! Overall , it is a wonderful Memorial day tradition and the athletes helped raise money for the VFW wreath program for veterans. 

Two weeks till the next game! 


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