Emeralds Quilt Machine Quilting progress

I did have a winner for the Machine Quilting blog hop and you can read about it here

I want to thank all those who particpated in the blog hop and the giveway. It was really a great time and I learned so much. I plan to do another blog hop in the fall and I hope you join me for that hop!!!

I continue to apply all that I learned recently. Ruler work is the skill I am trying to master. I loaded my celebration quilt of my 5oth birthday , or jubilee quilt,  that I pieced last year. It is called Emeralds (my birthstone) and you can read about the idea I had here. I wanted to celebrate versus getting sad over entering into the age where I qualified for AARP,

I decided to quilt it to look like faceted emeralds with sparkle and shine. I am nearly finished with the quilt but I wanted to show you how it is quilting up on the frame. Overall, I like it. I have a few wobbly lines but I realized I need a 10 in ruler … the one I have is really too big. I will buy one when I go to Grand Rapids for the quilt show next month.  Here is progress pics and a little video




Quilt on!


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