Toured a Sub in Michigan!


There are not enough weekends in the summer are there? No Highland games this weekend so we decided we wanted to make a day trip somewhere. We picked up our son and went to Muskegon, Michigan where they have a WWII submarine called the Silversides and a Coast Guard Cutter called the Maclaren. What a gem this stop is. The Lake Michigan shoreline is lovely and the museum is well done. The ships are not easy to climb on if you have mobility issues, they are self guided tours and they are just as they were during the war.

I want to say that all of us touring the sub could not believe how anyone could live on this vessel. It is cramped, stale air and had to be loud. It was incredible to see the movie and read the stories of WWII veterans. It was very interesting to read about the subs missions and all that it did. On behalf of me and my family, we salute you the crew of the Silversides and all veterans. We remembered our Grandfathers who all served in WWII, and our Grandmothers who worked in the factories in Flint, Mich to help with the war effort.

It really was a great generation of men and women.


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