I finished this lovely quilt. I did swirls in the middle and the blue on the edge as a feather stitch the length of it. I am pleased with how it turned out. I love the skinny quilt. Would make a great back of the couch or even a bed scarf. I love the texture!



2017-08-09 08.04.21
Sonshine Farm where I photographed my quilt pic by Vicki Holloway 


I love how this place looks and I did a photo shoot here with permission from the property owner. So I didn’t use the public garden because it is more difficult with lighting as well as the plants being nearly finished.

The light was perfect this am. I put the last stitches on just in time for the quilt to get a photo shoot. I did get a picture of a quilt (yep I did it all myself with a tripod and the timer on the camera!) AND I wrote up the pattern for Moda Bakeshop tonight. I had a great time making the quilt and can’t wait to reveal it! Last I heard my date on the Bakeshop was August 15th.

2017-08-08 18.02.27 orca-image-1502242449402.jpg_1502242449772

My friend did some binding for me. She has the best and sharpest corners. I have been working on a few quilts and I did get a quilt with nice corners yesterday, too. I listened to her tips! I was pretty happy with this success, and on the first try !

Quilt on !


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