I walked 15k steps….

at RenFest and today my legs are tired. Hey, I am tired. But had lots of fun. Overall the festival was lots of fun. The games are a demo for the crowds. It was Highland fling weekend. I loved the costumes and the music.

Here are some pics and a video with all the sights and sounds. You should go if you like magic, make believe, music and real hand crafts. I love all of it so I never tire of it.

2017-08-26 09.44.55
love the ladies costumes!
2017-08-26 12.46.59
My favorite Caber guy
2017-08-26 09.53.14
Thor’s Hammer 55# demo
2017-08-26 13.33.17
He is into swords
2017-08-26 10.51.30
Love the costume my friend is wearing!
2017-08-26 16.36.45
the village
2017-08-26 17.57.07
bird demo, right near me
2017-08-27 09.16.02
Fav Artist makes hand stamped cards of his art
2017-08-26 20.30.00
PSA don’t forget sunscreen on all areas, guess where I forgot?!?

Here is a little video of my husband throwing heavy stuff  as well as the sights and sounds of the festival. I am knitting today and dreaming of how I am going to frame and display all those gorgeous cards.


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