Throwback Thursday


Did you know I used to have a blog on a different host? In fact I had 2 previous hosts before WordPress.  I love blogging and I thought it would be fun to go into a time machine and look back at a post that I wrote a few years or 5 ago to see what I was doing then and chuckle at how dated my post is and if the pictures are still there lol! My have my tastes changed and my skills have grown , too. I don’t think I have changed much but my hair may have! I will put a link at the end for you to go to the original post and see it in all its glory!

In today’s throwback post I finished 20 blocks that were called Road to the White house but they are very similar to a Jacobs Ladder. Click the link below to see all 20 of those blocks in several layouts.

I often wonder if it snows often by Nov 1… this post from 2008 shows it often does. as it did this , per usual! I usually make an apple pie this time of year because we get apples from the orchard. This year my son gave me some from his trip. Tradition!

I must say those blocks I made for the RTWH swap… where did I get that fabric!?!?! lol I have moved beyond Civil War repros

Quilt on,




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