Machine Quilting Monday #machinequiltingmonday

2017-08-17 08.02.10

I have been doing one stitch this week. Wavy lines. I love them ! They are overall one way organic wavy lines. I did them as all over patterns for three quilts. I think sometimes the simple texture is all a quilt needs. These turned out so well.


So many people want to quilt their own quilts and you should try! I can do large sweeping wavy lines because I have a long arm. I try to make the waves shallow on some quilts , narrower on others. I also try to reverse the wave and hit the high point on the wave I am working on to the high point on a way the previous row – but not in the same spot over and over. It is supposed to be organic!

If you are doing this on a sit down machine check your decorative stitches is a wavy line there? I would make it a large wave in length and try it. You may find you new favorite stitch!

It is pretty forgiving if you happen to make a little mistake.

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