Throwback Thursday #tbt


This week I wanted to share a throwback to the beginning of the month. I spend an afternoon making these marbled fabric with my best quilty friends!

I have never done anything like this before and I was so glad that all the supplies were in the class! I wanted to try this out without investing in all the things! I made ferns and flowers. I also made feathers and hearts. I love the colors . I think my favorite is the heart. I had directions on how to comb the paints that were floating on the size. I can see this is a project that takes minutes to get results and a lifetime to master!


I want to put the fabrics in a mini quilt. I think framing them would damage it. Besides it’s fabric and I am a quilter!

Have you tried any new things to jump start you creativity? You should, I was amaze at how much doing one class for an afternoon set my creative mojo into motion.

Quilt on!



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