Our Creative Souls


2017-06-03 13.05.41
a new path to take


My sister and I are creative souls. I am sure you are too, if you are reading this. I like to quilt mostly but if you know me even a little bit, you  know that I do all types of creative endeavors. Everything from sewing, music, yarn to podcasting and social media. My sister, Nancy,  loves to create also. She loves to paint, make 3 d objects from all types of media, crochet and upcycle items into her home.

We thought we would share our creative projects here on the blog weekly and give it a proper name. I even started an Instagram page and Facebook Page called Our Creative Souls to keep my quilting biz separate.  I hope to share some free patterns, tips and inspirational ideas daily on the Instagram page.

We really enjoyed things like the Carol Duvall show, Workbasket Magazine and many shows on cable TV dedicated to DIY back in the day.  We miss those shows that shared all types of crafts and encouraged people to try all types of creative ideas.

We want to encourage you be creative! Spring is around the corner and all things gardens, Fairies, gnomes and color are inspiring us currently. What is inspiring you?

Create on!!!

Vicki and Nancy



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