Recent quilt finishes

2017-07-09 15.50.54

Time to celebrate all the quilty finishes I had in March! I have to say I got a few things done!

I quilt a couple of Quilt of Valor quilts for the local group every year. If I had more time I would do more but , deep sigh, I have a limited amount of hours in a day. 😉 I chose to quilt an all over swirl because I like the texture it gives to a quilt.



This is a quilt I designed specifically for my Tula Pink Eden collection of fabrics. I admit there are a couple of blocks that are from other Tula collections. I quilted tiny echo pebbles in the white and a large circle with an interesting middle in the prints. I get tons of long arming inspiration from Tracey at Whirls and Swirls quilting. Check her out!

The Back of the Tula quilt, looooove the polka dots



Carol had a quilt top given to her. I chose all over swirls on this gift, too. I must say looking at the construction was a master class in itself. A gorgeous gift!


a little improv, maybe it will work out to something bigger. We will see. I have an idea. That could be dangerous , lol!






This is the quilt top I made for the Piece and Quilt blog hop, a book by Christa Watson. I made every block in the book…. some were half size.  I then helped promote her modern marks fabric that debuted so I used some of it in a few of these blocks. I added the little improv block to the quilt top. Listen to my recent podcast, because that little block was something I looked for …. I think for 2 weeks until I loaded this quilt and realized…. IT WAS IN THE QUILT TOP! I custom quilted it and love how it turned out. A great memory quilt!


I taught an improv class and this was the replacement block I made because I was looking for that improv block that was pieced into the previous quilt! I love improv and I am on an improv roll currently. So my mini quilt a month may not get made for March. We will see. It was a self imposed deadline so I can change it right?!?


I hope you enjoyed the quilts of this month and that it may inspire you to ….


Quilt on!



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