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2017-07-04 15.11.48

It is the weekly post for Our Creative Souls and we have been up to so much! While we are dreaming of fairy gardens and seedlings, Nature has dumped a foot of snow on Northern Michigan! It has only given us more inspiration to be creative! photo above is a picture of Vicki’s garden from last summer! Vicki wrote this week’s post while Nancy’s work will be featured next week with a how to!

I  found a tiny mason jar with a lid and decided that it would give my desk at work a little garden. It would add some springtime cheer and I could ignore the snow. I used pebbles from a bag of fish tank gravel on hand, a few fossils, a resin mushroom, snips of greens from silk plants and a marble. All were added using tweezers. I love it and it looks wonderful.

You can make your own fairy garden for your desk, too! This is easy just gather items you have laying around. A focal piece like mushrooms, a fairy home or a animal makes a good choice. Layer pebbles in a jar, terrarium or maybe even a cup or wine glass! Let your imagination go wild!

If you have plans to have live plants in your garden you will need soil for it to grow in. I still like to add pebbles on the top too. Research the type of watering and lighting you will need, succulents do well in fairy  gardens because they don’t need lots of soil or water. OR you can make one like mine with plastic plants that will never need any attention and I leave the live plants for my outdoor fairy garden in the summer.

Next place the focal piece in. I try to make it in a dominant space in the garden but it doesn’t have to be centrally located. Adjust the landscape now… do you want hills in your garden? Then add you pieces of nature, rocks, plants, wood chips etc. I don’t glue my things in because I change the gardens quite regularly.

Let’s close by looking at a Fairy House that Nancy made to inspire you to try making your own !

Create on, that’s when the magic happens!

Vicki and Nancy


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