this can’t be April

2017-04-06 08.14.53

April has not been all sunshine and green grass around here. I am able to appreciate the beauty of “snowglobe” snow when it is all light and fluffy. But we have had some really bad weather and I am ready to let the winter go!

View from my car on Wednesday as I was going to work. I had a week of being sick with an infection, been a good season this is the first one all winter!  I managed to do lots of fun things anyway. The podcast, a newsletter, load a quilt and start it. I even worked on a improv block that may work out to be something interesting in the end. Worked the day job for 3 days,too. I am feeling much like this poor little seagull in the photo below, he has the look of “what happened here?”

Thanks for indulging me on my spring whine, it happens every year on the 45th parallel in Michigan. I am ready for gardens and spring for sure. Maybe even a little spring cleaning, ok let’s not get too carried away !!!  So let me share the sunny  quilt I am working on . Guess what quilting stitch I used? YEAH swirls, its my go to. So I am calling myself the queen of swirls now.

I love the colors the quilter used so much. That’s what I need this time of year, lots and lots of color….. been a black and white world for far too long this winter.

Quilt on,


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