Spring Inspiration



Spring inspiration

So many things come at once in the spring and there is usually only a small window of opportunity to get it done. We have the annual raking up of the leaves that fell after snow plus the garden clean up. It is a fast and furious task to get done on the one or two nice days that are around and when we can have our yard mess picked up by the city. The second is a hard task I put off every year and that is the junk cleanup.

I just can’t get it done in winter. It is too cold to poke about the basement. The dust is bad and then where to store it till spring? Another frenetic project that has to get done in a few days and inevitably the day of putting out the stuff for the pick up by the city is either too hot or raining. But I am determined to get some things out. It is the old clothes that are nasty and broken stuff. Things that have long outlived their usefulness, things long forgotten and I thought I pitched years ago. But it is a process and if I don’t get everything done it can go in my trash pickup one bag at a time!

I am losing the all or nothing mentality. The garden is an all summer process. The raking of leaves is not but you do what you can around the weather. Organization and purging junk well that’s an everyday event really….

Spring I am so glad you are here!

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