Machine Quilting Monday

2015-03-17 20.35.16

I have put the above quilt on the guest bed and it is a light and airy quilt for spring.

Watch for the sampler of stitches that I used to finish it in the slide show. I am finishing up my swirl quilts for customers. The next project, I have been debating for a year on what to quilt my Tula Pink City Sampler quilt. I have had many thought and research on this. First of all I decided against custom quilting it like in the book.


The first thing I have to consider is what is the quilts function. This quilt will be on my bed. So too much stitching will be too hot to sleep under. I want the fabrics and colors to be the star. So I decided to do straight line stitching with some fmq in between some larger spaces in the lines. I think it will make it functional and have some of the fmq that I love to make.


I am loading this quilt today and hope it is the beginning of getting several of my quilts done. I tend to think that if it is not custom and painfully tedious it isn’t worth doing. NOT TRUE. I am going to go with simplicity. I have some charity quilts, too, they all will be edge to edge all over designs. A couple of the smaller pieces my be more custom but not this big quilt, I gotta sleep under it!

Feels like I am making progress because my quilts have been waiting. I love the Connecting threads white linen look backing fabric I purchased. I have all the thread I need. I am ready to rock and roll, this and spring cleaning helped. Stay tuned for over talking about this quilt , lol!!!

Quilt on ,






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