Our Creative Souls

2016-07-10 17.00.47

We have been going to the garden centers, cleaning up the flower beds and watching the plants grow. Now the weeding begins and waiting.


Waiting to see what comes up, what didn’t and where did those hostas get planted last year? Yeah, we have been talking about making garden sketches with planting mapped out for next spring, or a label. Maybe Nancy will make some. I am relying on pictures and hope I can recognize perennials vs weeds.

So time has been in nature… and being inspired. We believe getting out is good for us. It brings peace and tranquility. Walking about, taking a ride deep into the forest or sitting in the garden to knit or meditate. It is good. And we have been doing all of the above this week.

Creating has been pick up and put down projects like knitting the shawl. Embroidery from a kit. Making fairy gardens or in my case, dropping  one and breaking it. I will make another one, no problem.

Check out our Instagram for all the pictures at @ourcreativesouls

Next week the podcast will be an Our Creative Souls edition.

Be Creative,

Vicki and Nancy

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