Good Monday Morning!


2014-01-10 08.27.32


This weekend flew by so fast. I did lots of things but don’t have much that was an interesting photo. I did get to visit my Mom on Saturday, shes doing well. We had to pick up a saw from my Dad, more on that later. On the way home, I stopped at Lane Bryant and tried on a dress for my son’s upcoming wedding. It was my favorite on line but the neckline was too high and hit my scar from thyroid surgery. Plus, I am having a hard time finding plus sized clothing in light colors. Black, navy no problem. I am encouraged because I found a lighter colored dress in the shape I want with a v neck. I will order it this week and hope for the best ! I love online shopping (Google), where were you 10 years ago when I needed a dress for my daughters wedding? And Pinterest, I have fully become a convert and addict for nearly everything in my life, and lets not forget YouTube. Without all of these apps, I don’t know how I could get through the day,lol!

The dress on the model adorable but not for me:

I did end my physical therapy on my arthritic hip and bursitis after a month. I have to say it was feeling great! I am doing my exercises and stretches. I plan to revamp my gym routine because of my hip but I have to say that 2 things make it hurt like fire. Gardening and cleaning the bathtub. I did both yesterday. I have a nice clean bathroom and my garden is about to take shape. However, did I ever pay for it. Today I am just sore but I keep thinking the more I do the better it will get. Then I get reminded that I need to slowly add to my activities. I have Highland games coming up with long car trips, sitting in a lawn chair and walking. I hoped to be able to do these things pain free. I am thinking our 2 day festival this weekend may be quite miserable so I am preparing myself for it. I may have to leave and go to the hotel, but that means I will lose our premiere parking spot. Sigh, getting older sucks. More thoughts on my upcoming birthday will be this week.

Todays activities will include doing dishes I hope. Our kitchen sink has a plumbing issue that only occurs in 100 year old home that never had plumbing to begin with… lack of slope leading away from kitchen to the outside. I have to say that I am approaching nearly every dish in my home plus most of the pots and pans are dirty. I have hand washed a few in the tiny bathroom sink but it kinda grosses me out. Never a dull moment living in an antique!!!

All that to say, creative activities were limited to a couple of rows on my knitted one skein wonder shawl . And I pressed a binding. The fairy houses come out this next week. Here is a little video how to do improv and the update on What’s on my design wall!


Quilt on!


Mom and Dad gave us their dining room table and I have my battle station all set up for quilting and podcasting!

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