Easy like Sunday morning

2015-08-23 13.56.36

Woke up to a light rain and colder temperatures outside. The house is only 66 degrees and it feels really nice. I am not built for heat, at all.  After a hot spell around here, being outside for a little this week and sitting 2 feet from a window air conditioner at work all week with all the ear shattering and brain irritating noise, I must say it feels really nice and refreshing. Sipping my morning coffee and eating toast in the peace and quiet is sooooo nice.

I am on a bit of light duty for chores and such. I have been dealing with a hip problem for months and Friday I decided it was time for a cortisone injection. The issue is- you feel like you can do anything but you know that it a false idea because some of the injection is a numbing agent. So.  I just did a few little chores that didn’t stress my hip. I spent a little time in the garden just sitting,  moved a plant and edged the border a little bit. I also got out my fairy houses and accessories. I don’t have a ton of them and the plants are getting much fuller so the Fairy Gardens are  looking very nice this spring.

I have been seeking simplicity for the summer. I am working on some simple projects and slowly stitching on my modern row quilt. Yesterday, I did a little long arming and when my hip got tired I stopped. But most of the day was spend embroidering a project that will stay in a hoop for display. I love slow stitching!

Slow living is more of a challenge when you can’t sit still long. I am working on it. I think it may be necessary for me because the hip has joint damage and the injection was to help the bursitis but the arthritis is not going to change. I am trying to avoid further damage and more invasive interventions in the future so I have to follow the prescribed plan. Be kind to yourself, everyone!

I am looking at stretching more vs pounding exercises. Dang, to have it all culminate near my birthday made me realize I am not in my 30’s or even 40’s anymore…. but don’t think I am gonna act like a octogenarian yet. LOL

Today’s rain will allow me to create most of the day. Maybe make a You Tube video that shows only my hands because I am not doing full makeup and hair. Heck, I may wear pajamas all day after my shower. I have several projects to do. Watch for those updates next week here and on the podcast. Here are a few pictures of the garden and project curb appeal.




Be Creative and Quilt on!



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