a finish to celebrate!!!!


This top was started in 2013, and It was finished last year! it is called the Constellation of Stars!  It took me this long to figure out what I wanted to quilt on it. I kept it a mentally simple design that I love to quilt… a collage of stitches!

I talked all about this quilt on my latest podcast here if you want to hear all about the story of this quilt.


I don’t think pictures do this quilt justice. As always, I like that back as much as the front!

Moral of the story, never give up! Some projects we love just need perseverance.

I am making progress on my UFO top stack and I have one top I just may not longarm right away because…… Well, I don’t like it and I don’t think anyone else would either. It is a group project from a long time ago. It is unfinished because I don’t wanna invest money in finishing it. Hmmm, sometimes you just have to decided when to stop. I may recycle this top into another project. I didn’t give up just aware of my own feelings towards it.


However, the Constellation of Stars that I just finished it the hardest quilt I have ever made and I love how it looks finished.

Quilt on!



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