Trying to Beat the Heat

2015-07-12 13.06.18

Its been really hot. Miserably hot. I know I was complaining about the winter not so long ago but it wasn’t the temps that was getting me it was the lack of daylight. We have plenty of that now! 90 to 100 degrees for days now with a little break and its back scorching us. I would like to get out and do more but I was not built for heat let me tell you.

What to do? I have to say that I have found several things that I am really enjoying while trying to beat this heat.

  1. Macrame – it is not a craft that will over heat you like quilting is! I am making jewelry and wall hangings. I can pick it up and put it down. It is a new passion for a craft I did as a kid in the 1970’s. I am getting all boho these days! Here is a website for the bracelets:
  2. Knit – I am making a one skein wonder shawl. A purple bamboo pop one. It is light and not hot . Another pick up and put down project. Knitting or crocheting small projects are perfect for hot weather. You can always join up squares if you want a bigger project when it cools off later on!
  3. Making flower arrangements – I made a few indoor fairy gardens and that was fun! It didn’t over heat me and was a project that really made me feel creative!
  4. Watching shows on Netflix and You Tube- I love You Tuber Richie Castellano. He does a weekly live one man rock concert of music from my era and taste. I am also getting near the end of Ice Fantasy on Net Flix. it is a 62 episode of a magical kingdom and it’s Royal Family. It is subtitled and I love it. Another show I found on YouTube is Charlie Dimmock’s Garden Rescue. LOVE it…. British, gardens, a little competition , what’s not to love. She is the best gardener!
  5. making videos. Ok shameless plug. I have a little YouTube channel and a new Ig TV channel for my quilting site and Our Creative Souls. You have to be on IG to see those new channels for IG TV. I am just doing it for fun. I have no ambitions for it really at this time. Taking pictures and videos has it’s own creative skills and it is really fun but a challenge! You know I love a challenge.
  6. Taking life at a little slower pace. I am all about that and zen moments.

I am finding all kinds of ways to beat this miserable heat. SO FAR , the garden is doing ok. I may lose my annual mini rose but I am trying to keep it going. Everything else planted loves the heat.

Be creative and Quilt on!


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