internet etiquette or netiquette

Listen to the Podcast Here!


Today’s podcast talks about the quilts I am making with other peoples patterns and fabrics.


The Sara Jane Peter Pan Fabric is here:


Look for it at your favoite quilt shop!


The acronym I used for today’s topic is about internet etiquitte or netiquitte. Here it is simply to ready and think about :


THINK-means is it:

True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind


Look for the Choose your own adventure quilt on


YouTubers mentioned:

Survival Lilly :

World According to Briggs:


Netflix show is Ice Fantasy

Other shows I am Watching is Trading Spaces on TLC and Faceoff on SyFy


Quilt on!




  1. Hi Vicki, I love the acronym in this podcast. I think it is so important for people to just be kind to each other. I never understand why people say such mean things on the Internet. If you find someone that irritates you, don’t listen to their podcast,or watch them on Youtube. There is really no need to write a negative comment. Great reminder that you never know what someone is going thru in their personaL life,
    Thank you for a great podcast.


  2. Thanks for this one Vicki. Your acronym is simple, but so meaningful. Even reading nasty comments by others is not good for the soul. Luckily, most quilters are kind.

    I have found I have to be careful with my humour. My in-real-life friends know my sense of humour and know when I’m being witty or sarcastic. But, I have to remember that my online friends don’t, so I need to make sure my comments won’t be misunderstood.


  3. Hi Vicki, I’ve listened to your podcast since the very beginning, along with all the other quilting podcasters out there (going all the way back to Annie Smith’s Quilting Stash). Anyway…….I’m not much of a blog follower, hence even though I listen to all the podcasts I VERY rarely comment. But I just had to drop you a quick note because I LOVED your podcast today. I also am a true believer that we all need to just be nice. Plain and simple. And you said it all perfectly. Thanks for podcasting. I truly enjoy it.


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