what a day


Sure has been. I wanted to get something done before work. I have a history with this block and I have had trouble before. It looks deceptively easy but….. sometimes not so much!  I had all the pieces cut and ready to go,  but I could not sew it together right this morning. Next I wanted to do a little longarming before work.  I got part of a row quilted before I ran out of bobbin. I also ran out of time in the middle of the row and I really don’t like leaving things undone.

I left early to get to work but wound up 2 minutes late because of the snow and driving slow. I really need to look to see if I have snow boots in my closet. Also, reminder to self take your jacket in the house if you don’t wear it in after work. It was a cold dash to the car this morning .

However, in the end the day was like any other Wednesday. I decided that I do like the snow and cold weather. I like quilting even when I have a day when it takes me longer to do things or it is filled with mistakes and redoing it. I also decided that I really don’t have to have all the blocks done by any certain date if life gets in the way.

I totally just gave myself permission to just relax. If today isn’t the day to ‘get things done’ then I will try again tomorrow. AND most of all, when I try to force things to work usually it is a disastrous mess. Best to do something else!

Evenings are for hand work and I think I will knit. I will try making those Friendships stars tomorrow.

Quilt on!


2014-09-18 08.39.02

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