Such a lovely weekend

I did get out and go on a fall adventure. I find it so inspiring! My husband and I had never been to an Island known for it natural beauty, Drummond Island in Lake Huron. It is off the Eastern tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  To get there, means you drive your car on a ferry to get across the water. It is the off tourist season (meaning we may have a chance to get there without throngs of people)  and the last weekend that we could see what little bit of fall color was left so we went. We had the most wonderful time on the island. It has trails to drive on. We saw the unusual landscapes left by glaciers in the last ice age and the bedrock exposed. We saw Deer and birds. I was thrilled. And it was sunny, while at home is snowed and was a grey day.


Click on the photos and you can see the album of our day! And  you don’t get to see this everyday, a partridge or ruffed grouse!

Michigan is a really pretty place and I get to enjoy so much of nature and wildlife. I also get to enjoy all 4 seasons. I am enjoying the cold weather, too, and we are preparing for snow. I get to quilt and use all my quilts, knitted scarves and made things.

Hope you had a chance to get outside and enjoy nature this weekend!




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