Trunk Show!




I was asked to do a trunk show at the Mid Michigan Quilt Guild. I had no idea they had so many members! I love all the things they do…. comfort quilt charities, support the local Commission on Aging, do day long retreats and classes, block lottos and all kinds of communities in the guild. What a lovely group! I was thrilled to meet so many quilters and be able to share my quilting journey with them.

I get asked by all the non-quilters, or muggles as we quilters call them, what is a trunk show? Well, I didn’t know. I have never attended one. I can only guess by the snippets I have seen on YouTube and blog posts.

I showed 20 quilts and talked about their story, why they were an experiment and what inspired me to make them. I also shared that  I quilt in 20 minute increments daily. There was so much more I wanted to cram in for the talk but I forgot to say a few things but that’s ok. It was my second trunk show ever. Afterwards, I spent time letting them look at the quilts up close, answer questions and share a few quilting tips.

Thanks Mid Michigan Quilt Guild! I would love to come back and show 20 more quilts because, believe me I have them once I bind them off. LOL!

Quilt on!




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