Why ya gotta be so cruel

2017-06-03 13.05.43

I am really pretty burned out on the overwhelming polarization that certain platforms of social media has become. Now, before you stop reading this is not about politics AT ALL. It’ s about future generations. It’s about the jokes, memes and cruelty that is being spewed about millennials.

Am I biased? Maybe… I raised two millennials. Actually, one is definitely that and the younger may be a newer generation… we will see how history defines it.

I don’t see what’s funny about the really mean things people are saying and sharing on the internet. The millennials I know aren’t selfish. In fact, they volunteer hours a month and have since middle school. They volunteer in homeless shelter, mentoring programs and all kinds of other areas

They are more concerned about the earth than any other generation I know. They recycle and are eliminating the garbage “footprint” they leave behind. It has motivated me to try to eliminate plastics and other unnecessary forms of garbage, waste and pollution. It is such a bad thing to want a environmentally smart car? I have been looking at them.

The millennials I know, have learned all the old ways like driving a stick shift and cursive writing. As if that is gonna help them in any way. It’s old technology but they have also learned the new technology and made it better. We ask them for help when we don’t understand it. They have more knowledge in their minds from not only education but from technology than any other generation. My  generation, the Gen X, and Baby Boomers need to stop acting like petulant children because you don’t want to learn changes or embrace technology.

Part of my outlook is learning. I do a blog, podcast, sell things online and write newsletters is because I want to understand how it works. If you don’t learn how in small increments and keep up with technology….. well there will be a time when you are so out of the loop you will feel overwhelmed and left out.

Millennials are actually embracing older nostalgic things because they care. Canning, making food from scratch, crafting of all things, art, music and gardening are really things they are passionate about. So is raising families, being present parents and working really, really hard to make a living.

I wanna say that I have a day job in a career I have worked 25 years in. I am probably the last of a generation of people that can say that. Jobs don’t offer security like that any more. Nor do they have benefits, retirements or insurances like what I have. If you land a job like that you are one of the lucky ones in this day and age.

I hated it when the Baby Boomer Generation started talking smack about mine when I was in my late teens and twenties. We were called the selfish generation, The ME generations,  only concerned about money and self , a generation of kids who listened to what’s now called Hair Bands and Punk, too stupid to understand how the world worked and too young to have any change on the world.

I call Bull Crap on it. I was not any of those stereotypes I was called. It just made me realize how out of touch some people were. And I say to my generation who is doing the very thing we HATED about being called names by other generations…… STOP IT.

You raised the next generation. You were part of culture. You now sound like a bitter old fart. Just stop showing your ignorance and join in the fight to regain our humanity, save the earth one person at a time and be part of this pretty amazing world. We are leaving a really terrible mess to our kids and we need to help them sort it out before we are gone. They need jobs and they need mentors. They need people who will help…. we need to  not be so cruel.

I know this is not my usual content but maybe, just maybe we can do something about this. I am starting by spreading positivity. I am eliminating as many plastics as I can. I will not participate in name calling, meme spreading and overall being mean.

Change starts one person at a time. No different that making a quilt one stitch , one block , one row at a time.

Let’s please be kind.


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