Happy Friyay!

I finally sent in my QuiltCon Entry.  I am hoping that this quilt will make the show. I am planning on attending QuiltCon this year. It is a February show and that makes travel a little tricky from Northern Michigan but my husband is driving me in our 4 Wheel drive truck. We will get to Nashville, for sure. 

 I just posted a podcast about finding the Zen in creating. I love being Zen and I hope you take the time to listen. We can be Zen together this holiday season. 

I have recently tried Yin Yoga. It is a gentle form of yoga and I am really glad it was recommended to me. I can walk today after a workout and I feel great. I want to try to do a 30 minute session after work because my joints are looser than.  I found a free class on YouTube and plan to keep trying her more advanced classes as I get some strength and flexibility. There may be hope for this old hip of mine. 

Let’s stay Zen over the holidays together! I am really appreciating all the things and now I am looking at how I am blessed every day. 

Quilt on! 


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