What’s on my design wall?

I have been making quilts!

I have finished the Border quilt! Yes, I now need to load the Border quilt by PBJ and you can get the pattern here. I decided since there are so many pieces to do an overall loose quilting stitch on it. I could get really custom on this but I decided that would be best for a smaller quilt. This is so bright and colorful with the Michael Miller marbles and solids I thought that they could do all the talking vs the free motion quilting. As you can tell I did my own thing on the last two borders because I was running out of fabric and I wanted something a little simpler. 

I am working on some other things like the Shibori houses. I am also wanting to make some macrame things but I can’t seem to get to the store for more cord. I have 3 classes ready to teach at the quilt shop and you can see the dates here in the newsletter at Delphine’s Quilt shop

Overall, things are moving very very slowly after a busy time. My body has some reminders from time to time that I have to slow down. I am being reminded by my old chronic illness Meniere’s disease that I cannot do all the thing all the time. If you want to read about it here is a easy to understand explanation here. I am really off balance and find everything to be harder than it usually is. I have to try harder and think harder to do simple things. Guess what? this is the time when I have all new things started, all my software has updated new ways of doing things, etc. 30 minute jobs take a couple of hours. So I do what I can and do simple things in between. I should pass soon, it’s been a couple of months. My universe has been patient. 

I am doing lots of hand stitching so that is always my fall back when life needs to be simple and not moving at the speed of light. I am hoping the sounds clears up in my ears soon too.  Here is my latest finish: 

What’s on your design wall? Let me know, 

Quilt on 


I made some paper roses today, you can check it out on here : https://ourcreativesouls.wordpress.com/2018/12/03/paper-roses/


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