January is time to organize

I have been trying to tidy up using the Konmarie method’s mindset. I have been bitten by the urge to use Clutterbug’s organization tips. Take her test it is pretty cool to finally see why I put things away and then can’t find them. No more!

Another resource I often refer back to is Gretchen Ruben’s Happiness project often. She spends a lot of time writing about happiness and an orderly clean home. She wrote a new book called Outer Order, Inner Calm and I want to read that too. I should put it on hold from the library.

I operate using a blended method of all three. I love the video’s and podcasts that are out there by these ladies, too. It gives me the visual and auditory part to help me absorb and learn what they are teaching. I just keep scouring YouTube to find their stuff.

So what’s up with the picture above? That’s my Dollar Tree Haul. I only spent $12 and I have lots of little bins to organize my drawers of stuff that is jammed in there never to be easily found again. I am thrilled! I am slowly working on getting the kitchen and my creative space organized. Thanks, so much to Clutterbug’s suggestions because I had no clue that the dollar store would be so helpful!

When I get a Cricut, I plan to get labels on my bins that I have and those I plan to purchase in the future. I have never been so motivated to get my home organized , tidied up and in order. I am getting there. What is so hard is going through the sentimental category of stuff and I am even finding that easier and easier.

So this old House will be all organized soon!



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