The Border Quilt!

The Border Quilt is finished!! I am so happy with the final rounds. I did deviate a tiny bit from Jen’s last round on her pattern because I was running out of fabrics and well I wanted to use the color blocks I had left. You can find the pattern here : Pattern’s by Jen. 

I have had the most fun making this quilt. I Quilted it with my signature all over swirls design because this quilt is going on a bed to be used and loved in a forever home. Custom work seemed like it would be way too much. I may have shed a little tear as I mailed it off to the recipient. It’s all I love in a quilt: brights, marbles from Michael Miller Fabrics , and of course the fmq swirls. #iamthequeenofswirls

Thanks for following the quilt along! I want to thank Jen for hosting it!

Quilt on!


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