Are you ready for a Challenge Podcast

You can listen to the podcast here!

April’s Quilting challenge is soon! Read more about it here.

I love Delphine’s Quilt shop, be sure to check out their online store!

I am loving my Younique Epic mascara

I am loving my Grove Collaborative essential oil

I am loving my Cricut Maker!

Here are my Mini Quilts

Step into Your Art Challenge

Tequila Sunrise

Quilt on!



  1. Hey Vicki – Dawn Cunningham here.  I think I joined the challenge.  I’m not on facebook much, I do have an account where I’ve gone to a few sites.  I logged in, and not sure if it registered me.  I’m not computer savy at all.  Went back on to check and it says “pending” – to cancel click here.  So, hope I didn’t cancel myself out.  Please let me know if you can.  Also, I’ll need to know how to “get to it”, if there is not a prompt of some sort.  Thanks bunches – hey – you got a cricket !  Haven’t listened to all your pods yet, but a cpl of them stated you really wanted one – made me laugh coz that’s how I get.  Take care – Dawn


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