A Quilty Challenge is Underway!

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the player above.

I have been making fun things on the Cricut! You can get one here!

First Cricut Project updating an old mirror

And the Picnic Time Pillow a Fat Quartershop free pattern!

Picnic time Pillow Remix
April is daily Quilting Challenge !

I have a little Challenge going on in April and I am dedicating 15 min a day to quilting!

love my Jadeite repros!

Pipsqueaks is a cute book about making felt animals!

The Cozy Minimalist by Myquillyn Smith

My Happy Hour quilt is being taught at the LQS and I am so nervous to teach this class for the first time. You can get your copy of the pattern here!

Happy Hour! by Vicki Holloway

The Civil War Diary Quilt book is here

Delphine’s Quilt Shop is here

Have a great week!

Quilt on,


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