Saturday Morning Coffee

I usually have time to sit and drink a coffee before the house and neighborhood wake up. I have been musing on what I want to accomplish today and it is the typical Saturday chores. Shouldn’t take much time because I really have lots to do today and find myself under several big deadlines for quilts. But I want to get out and maybe a trip to our local garden center will be possible. I haven’t been there this season. It will be a nice break from all the sewing and longarming.

I am not sure how it happened for all these projects but the deadlines are doable. I haven’t had deadlined projects in years. I was bored and found myself saying yes to several things not realizing that all the deadlines were in June. I have a pineapple quilt top to sew and photographed by June 20. A shop sample asap. I have 3 asap quilts to long arm and a growing stack. In the quilting side hustle business, when it rains it pours. And as my Grandma used to say, make hay while the sun shines. Activity comes in crops. It was a long slow winter for sure.

I made a few decisions about how I want to spend my time. Summer is the perfect time for changes and increased activities. I want to move more and try to get to the gym a time or two a week. I want to make more things with the Cricut like a Welcome sign and planters for my fledgling houseplant collection. I want to focus on a couple of areas of quilting … the podcast, the blog, longarming and making quilts for my personal pleasure. I am cutting out a few things like the pattern shop and writing a book of patterns.

I am wanting to spend time outside, knitting or hand sewing. I have spent more time learning to relax this year and I am finding it isn’t a bad thing at all. The beauty of mid life is that I don’t have to hurry and most things I say yes to are for entertainment purposes anyway.

I am gonna keep working on my stuff in 15 minute increments!

I want to try to write a little post weekly to jot a few ideas down, write about what we have been up do and practice my writing skills. If you don’t practice you get rusty! I have been relying on the podcast and video quite a bit lately. Words can be nice, too.



  1. Twin granddaughters are awesome! My twins are 5. They chat on video calls now it’s so cute. I need to move more. I sit at my job on a computer for 8 hours a day… I am jealous you have hours to spend outside and move! I am working on getting up and adding little exercises hourly. My garden is finally growing and I will putter in it for a few more weeks setting up my fairy gardens. I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Hong Kong , those babies are gonna be sweet!


  2. Hi Vicki! I’m trying to move more, too. We need to get from behind our machines to keep things balanced, in more ways than one. I’m in the habit of walking first thing in the morning and then doing garden tasks for a few hours. I feel great afterwards which means that I get some serious creative time in each afternoon. I have deadlines too—must complete before July 12 when I leave for Hong Kong for the birth of my twin granddaughters! I love the Raffia quilt. Can’t wait to see yours!


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