Pac-A-mat Product Review

My Pac-A-Mat

I absolutely love having a felted pressing mat. I love having a wool one except for one thing that I just can NOT seem to overlook. I can’t stand the smell. I like to use a bit of steam and even with scented starch or essential oils, the stench of burned wool is there. I also get a bit itchy from the wool fibers when I press.


I have been looking for an alternative. And there is one… it is the Pac-A-Mat! I have been using mine for a couple of months. I don’t notice a smell at all!!! It is hypoallergenic because of the alpaca fibers. It presses like a dream!! I use steam and my seams are crisp ! I love using my mat and I have to say my wool mats are no longer in use.

The alpaca mats are a little bit thinner but they are larger than my wool mat. I would recommend using it on an ironing board or putting a heat barrier under it if you wanted to use it on a table. I also have pinned and blocked items on my mat to dry square and flat. These are really amazing mats!

Check out Halo Inspirations for their mats! They come in different colors and can be washed. These mats are made in Virginia and the animals are kept in a quality environment which is very important to me.

Check out the Pac-A-Mat !



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